Maui's solid waste resource management programs have been controversial. It is unlikely that will change any time soon. Different technologies, systems schedules and budgets have been the source of debate for over two decades. Changes in political administrations at the county, state and federal programs occur every four years, or less, and mostly result in more delays and less progress.

However, there is one program/idea that is nearly universally approved -- islandwide curbside recycling. Whether we recycle it, bury it, burn it or rocket it into outer space everyone agrees that curbside pickup or recyclables is an idea whose time has come.

Curbside pickup involves individuals in a positive environmental action. It is easy to day and provides instant positive feedback. Being a recycler leads us to other positive environmental activities -- probably the single most effective method to enlist millions in the campaign against global environmental problems.

Here on Maui we have already conducted a successful pilot curbside recycling project.
Read about the results here

The plan used in the pilot project is ready for islandwide implementaion.
See the plan details, schedule, budget, etc. here.

How do we persuade our leaders that Maui is ready and willing to make islandwide curbside recycling a reality? Remember, our leaders need a little leadership from us. Find out about a petition, in support of islandwide curbside recycling,
already signed by more than a thousand Mauians.

"Wasted Waste"

How crazy is it that the US landfills $11.4 billion in recyclable packaging materials every year? Plenty crazy. From cardboard shoe boxes to plastic detergent bottles, from Styrofoam fast food containers to cardboard egg cartons, from metals to those ubiquitous PET water bottles, our landfills are filling up with recoverable, recyclable packaging materials while driving up the cost of virtually everything we buy.

This sad story is that it is happening everywhere - in homes, offices, public buildings, backyards and supermarkets. Major US institurions, incuding the Defense Department contribute more than their fair share as do the smallest entrepreneurial elements of the US business community. It is happening literally in front of our eyes, every day. It's getting worse, not better, despite decades of attention. Sadly, it seems that throwing packaging "away" is still a huge part of American culture. MORE

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